Urdu Academy’s Mushaira 2104 – Jashn-e-Atta Ul Haq Qasmi in Australia

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Press Release

January 26, 2014

Subject: Mushaira 2104 – Urdu Academy announces Jashn-e-Atta Ul Haq Qasmi in Australia

The Urdu Academy of Australia Inc. is pleased to announce its 2014 International Urdu Mushaira Program. To continue the long standing tradition of promoting Urdu language and culture in Australia, next year’s Mushaira Prgram will present a series of events in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra during months of February and March.

The Academy of Australia Incorporated is a not for profit literary and cultural organisation. The Academy has been organising literary events in Sydney since 2008 and in Melbourne since 1995. Regular literary sittings (Nashist) are held to promote and develop Urdu language writings in Australia.

A major Sydney recital (Mushaira 2014) has been planned to honour and celebrate the works of legendary writer, dramatist, poet and columnist Mr Atta Ul Haq Qasmi. Given Mr Qasmi’s contribution as one of the most renowned Urdu writers of our time, the main festival is being named “Jashn-e-Atta”. Mr Qasmi is the current Chairman of Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore has also served as Pakistan’s ambassador to Norway and Thailand.

His books of columns include “Column Tamam”, “Shar Goshiyan”, “Hansna Rona Mana Hay”, “Mazeed Ganjey Farishtey and many more while his TV Drama Serials include the most popular “Khwaja and Son”, “Shab Daig” and “Sheeda Talli”. His travelogues include “Shoq-e-Awargi”.

Mr Saud Usmani, an outstanding contemporary poet from Lahore, is a special guest at the recitals. Mr Usmani has an outstanding reputation for his poetic works and delivery and has been recognised with “Prime Ministers Award for Poetry 1997” and “Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi Award 2007”.

Ms Noshi Gilani (Sydney) – The most celebrated female poet of her generation, author of five collections, Ms Gilani will be hosting the Sydney event.

A selected list of local and international Urdu poets will also be reciting at the Sydney event.

The following events across Australia have been organised:

Melbourne Event – Saturday 22nd February 2014 (Urdu Academy, Melbourne)
Sydney Main Event – Saturday 1st March 2014 (Urdu Academy, Sydney)
Canberra Event – Sunday 2nd March 2014 (Bazm-e-Adab Canberra)

Should you require any further information or clarification, please contact Saeed Khan on
00612 – 414 698 634.

Saeed Khan
Urdu Academy of Australia Inc.

Jashn-e-Atta Poster-Sydney-Final

تازہ کتاب سے – سمندر کا سفر ھے رتجگا ھے

تازہ ترین, ہوا چپکے سے کہتی ہے7 تبصرے »

سمندر کا سفر ھے رتجگا ھے

دِیا اک پانیوں پر جل رھا ھے

افق پر دُور اک نیلا ستارہ

مرے ھمراہ شب بھر جاگتا ھے

اڑانوں سے تھکا ہارا پرندہ

سنہرے پانیوں پہ آ گِرا ھے

مرے دِل کی ھتھیلی پر کسی کا

کویٔ پیغام لکھا رہ گیا ھے

عجب ھے ھجر موسم کی کہانی

بدن کا رنگ پھیکا پڑ گیا ھے

ھوا نے آج کیسی بات کہہ دی

گلوں کا حوصلہ بکھرا ھوا ھے

Daagh Dehelvi – 17 June Nashist- Urdu Academy of Australia

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Daagh Dehelvi

Urdu Academy of Australia
نشست ماہانہ
June 2012 Sitting

Life & Poetry of
Host: Noshi Gilani

Time & Date: 3:00pm-6:00pm, Sunday 17 June 2012

Multipurpose Room, Auburn Community Centre
Corner of Hutchinson Street and Macquarie Street Auburn NSW 2114

Saeed Khan 0414 698 634
Iqtedar Abdi 0414 375 355

Daagh Dehelvi - 17 June 2012 Nashist